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Agora Mall

Installation of multi-zone environmental audio system and high-performance automation platform. Certified by Harman Professional Group. This is the same type of system installed in the most renowned shopping centers in the world and exclusive in the DR.

Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)

Installation of a multi-zone mass notification system, high-efficiency commercial environmental audio and control platform as used in 85% of the most important airports in the US. Its JBL Commercial speakers, Crown Audio amplifiers, multi-zone audio and video processors, as well as its Furman voltage conditioners and Chief cabinets, make this the most robust and expandable system of any airport, not only in the DR but in the entire Caribbean.

Cedimat Cardiovascular Center

Installation of multi-zone mass notification system, high efficiency environmental audio and control platform used in most health centers in the USA.

Unibe- 21st Century Classrooms

Installation of high efficiency audio system, video projection, automation and automatic combination of classrooms in the 9th, 10th and 11th floors. This project was worthy of a Case Study carried out by the RTI factory due to its high quality, robustness and efficiency. It includes commercial JBL ceiling loudspeakers, Crown Audio amplifiers, BSS Audio audio processors, Atlona video matrix and components, Shure microphones and RTI automation systems.

Body Shop

We have designed and implemented several branches for this fitness clubs chain. Certified by Harman Professional Group, these projects include multi-zone audio systems with a high performance integration and control platform. These clubs also have JBL speakers, Crown Audio amplifiers, multi-zone processors and BSS Audio control platform, Shure microphones, Furman voltage conditioners, Chief cabinets, as well as other brands that we represent.